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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bed Bug Travel Tips Part I (Travel Preparation)

We are going to be sharing some information concerning bed bugs and how to protect yourself against bed bugs when traveling. This information will be separated into 4 different posts, "Travel Preparation", "Inspecting Your Room", "During Your Stay", and "Returning Home".

Travel Preparation
  • Use hard cased luggage when possible. This type of luggage presents less hiding places for bed bugs and lessens chances of bringing bed bugs home.
  • Check bags to ensure no rips or tears.
  • Pack all toiletries and hard goods in sealed Ziploc bags that can be thrown away upon returning from your travel.
  • Items to remember to pack: flashlight, disposable gloves, sufficient quantity of Ziploc bags for small items and large plastic bags for Luggage(stored in car).
  • Attempt to pack clothing that can be hot laundered or placed in a clothes dryer on a hot drying cycle.
  • Prior to leaving for a trip, it is important to make sure that any pockets or zippers on your luggage are completely closed. This is important because it minimizes the chances of bed bugs entering your luggage during travel.

Be sure to check back for Part II of our bed bug travel tips series, "Inspecting Your Room"...
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