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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bug Zero Represented at NPMA National Bed Bug Forum: A Solutions Conference

Bug Zero's Michael Woodring recently attended a forum held by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) on January 5-7 in Denver, Colorado. Designed to provide pest management professional with the information they need from the legal, technical, business, and customer-oriented perspectives, this conference moved beyond bed bug basics and focused on business management solutions.

“While some professionals are playing the guessing game when it comes to bed bugs, there are many who have successfully navigated the challenges presented,” said NPMA Executive Vice President Rob Lederer. “When it comes to managing your bed bug business, it's too important to guess at answers when solutions ARE available.”

Identified as the single most difficult pest to treat in our industry, bed bugs have aggressively resurged across the globe. With the substantial media coverage regarding this pest, public awareness has increased dramatically. “The National Bed Bug Forum is a holistic approach to educating pest management professionals about bed bugs ”from treatment methods to successful business models to navigating the media,” continued Lederer. “Attendees left the conference with a comprehensive understanding of the bed bug pandemic and how they can develop a strategic response.”

Also featured at this event was the “House of Learning”, a special display that showed real life demonstrations of new technologies to defeat bed bug pressures in the most challenging environments. Demonstrations included heat, steam, cold, treatment ergonomics and methods, monitoring practices, UVA inspection, and canine inspection.
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