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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bug Zero's Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatments with Thermal Remediation®


Bug Zero's bed bug heat treatment eliminates bed bugs in just one day!  Check out the details below to see how our treatment works...

The temperature in the affected area is brought up to levels that are lethal to bed bugs; all stages die instantly at 122F(eggs, larvae, and adults).

High velocity fans are used to focus, control, and administer the heat on hard-to-reach areas where it is needed most to eliminate bed bugs in all areas of the structure and its contents.

Wireless transmitters feed a remote monitoring station to assure every area involved in the treatment reaches lethal temperatures.

    For more information go to our bed bug service page.

    Thermal Remediation® and related logo is a trademark owned by TEMP-AIR, Inc. and is used by permission.
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